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Retain clients, increase share of wallet, generate and nurture leads with the world's most powerful automated content marketing platform.

“Clients invest & refer 2x more when they report feeling ‘engaged’ by their advisor.”


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Superior Technology. Superior Results.

AdvisorStream is the only marketing platform that legally allows advisors and sales professionals to leverage the world’s top news sources to create the most engaging online digital experiences for their clients and prospects; from using newsletters, email, website, and social media. AdvisorStream’s proprietary lead technology has revolutionized conventional client communications by turning them into a revenue-generating centre; capturing new, quality leads for you every month.

Great Content is Read Content. Here are our stats:

AdvisorStream’s open rates are 300% higher than the industry average, click-through-rate 700% higher. Seriously.

Access The World’s Best Content. In One Platform.

The most successful way to strengthen client retention, increase share of wallet, generate new leads, and nurture prospects into clients is through powerful content. AdvisorStream is the only marketing solution licensing and curating thousands of articles and videos daily through exclusive partnerships with the world’s most trusted news sources, including The New York Times, Forbes, Reuters, Bloomberg, and more, for advisors to leverage across all digital channels - with full automation. Financial firms and advisors can now demonstrate their trust by having their marketing pieces supported by objective and credible 3rd party news sources. Save time and resources. Demonstrate your thought leadership and distinguish yourself from your competition.

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Curated, Compliant Content.

AdvisorStream takes an unconventional approach to content. All content in our library has been vetted by each publisher’s legal and editorial teams before being curated by our team to ensure all IIROC and FINRA guidelines are met. All content is licensed for commercial use, ensuring no copyright violations by advisors. AdvisorStream is uniquely able to identify which publishers’ articles and videos had the highest engagement using machine data, making only the top 5% of each publisher’s content available to our users. This ensures you don’t spend hours sorting through thousands of content items daily and guaranteeing that you share only the most high quality content in the world to nurture clients and prospects and get the highest return possible.

Automate Your Communications.

AdvisorStream’s proprietary platform allows you to schedule multi-channel communications, while simultaneously giving you complete control to communicate with your clients and prospects at whatever frequency you prefer. AdvisorStream’s automated content recommendations streamline your workflow and ensure you see the return on your investment that you want, with minimal time and resources.


“Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue.”

Andrew Davis

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Your Personalized, Content Page

Now like never before, communicate in your personalized, branded content page so clients and prospects can live in your ecosystem. Don’t send your clients and prospects to the web where there are paywalls, distractions, and competing advertisements. Let your thought leadership be the focal point - not your competitor’s.

Great Content Means Great Numbers.

With AdvisorStream, your communications work for you. Our proprietary technology captures new leads every time your content is shared and opened. Gather all the insights you need to optimize your client and prospect engagement. Nurture prospects through AdvisorStream’s lead nurturing platform to convert leads into clients.

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Irrelevance has a price.

“63% of consumers reported they may defect from brands due to irrelevant content. Of that group, 41% would consider ending a brand relationship due to irrelevance and 22% already have.”


“I’ve converted 6 clients this past year through AdvisorStream’s lead nurturing platform.”

Mark Hudon, Investment Advisor, GP Wealth Management Ltd