3 Tips to Safe Content Marketing

1. Always be honest about your purposes.

Even if you aren’t charging money for your services doesn’t mean your purpose isn’t commercial. A casual email to clients or prospects with links to news, or worse with links back to framed content about investments is really a marketing brochure. So is a blog about the latest news on any topic. Be honest with yourself about what it is you're doing, and recognize that copyright infringement is stealing.

2. Ask permission or license from the owners.

Many content providers are more than happy to let you share, if appropriately recognized or compensated. If you are NOT regularly framing or linking to content, but using it for personal reasons publisher may allow you to use it free! If you see an article you like, and want to share it with clients, follow the process publishers provide on their websites to properly license the article or video. The costs are clearly outlined. Or use a marketing platform that legally licenses content for you, don’t use a tool that helps you avoid commercial licensing fees, and place yourself or your firm in legal hot water. 

3. If you don’t have the resources to create all your own content, buy it!

News outlet licensing services and content curation companies  that legally license premium publisher content can be accessed for advisor marketing. For a fee, you can legally access and distribute premium content and effectively engage your clients and prospects through engaging newsletters, social media, blogs and websites. Think of these licensed content services as your own digital marketing department, the business benefits are great, and the costs are now reasonable.