Scott has been a comprehensive wealth and estate strategist for entrepreneurs and families for over 15 years. He has also provided his extensive expertise as a Field Trainer for experienced financial planners throughout the US and Canada. Scott is a registered representative; as well as offers securities, investment advisory, and financial planning services through WestPoint Private Client Group.

"Everyone has a story, and my work begins with discovering it. I emphasize the value of knowing my clients story and value drivers in order to provide them with sound financial advice. I firmly believe that their story leads to clarity, and clarity leads to accomplishment. I have a passion for connecting with people in a way that allows me to design a plan for the life they aspire to live. My process helps my clients to identify a plan and path to take their vision for the future and translate that into a blueprint that can be implemented in an organized fashion.”

Scott Eckart


In the past, I sent out client newsletters that were plain and simple. They took up too much of my time, and really only covered a few of the same topics provided to all advisors at my firm. I stopped sending newsletter for about five years because they we’re personalized to me, my brand and the services I have to offer.

As I became a more seasoned advisor, I wanted a newsletter solution that was unique and promoted what I do. I wanted to share content that was relevant to my business, and would provide my clients and prospects with engaging information, while remaining compliant.



The content is engaging and applicable. AdvisorStream provides a wide variety of topics, and mixes in personal finance with other news and information. Not only is the content extremely relevant to what I do, it also promotes me and only me on all communications. AdvisorStream provides a unique solution in the way they allow advisors to professionally brand themselves with the content.   

Secondly, AdvisorStream helps me stay consistent with very little additional work on my part. I can easily automatically schedule both my social media a­­nd email communications with ease, saving me hours of work. The curated weekly newsletter helps me maintain strong client relationships, as my clients hear from me on a consistent basis. AdvisorStream allows me to equally allocate attention to all clients, and encourage them to call me. 

AdvisorStream works closely with our compliance department. Its integrated system allows me to send and share content with the ease of knowing I am following my compliance and ad review guidelines. The integration eliminates unnecessary communications between myself and compliance. 


Consistent communication to my network through all online channels has helped grow my brand and reinforce my value, resulting in more open lines of communication.

I’ve captured 5 new leads within 6-7 months from my social media posting.

Creating personalized pieces to target new business or segments of my network has been a big value-add. Overall ease of use, as all digital marketing can all be done in one easy platform.