Email personalization is no longer optional. In today's digital age people are bombarded with emails that are thrown into the trash or marked as spam. Email personalization can significantly improve your engagement rates, and help you win the inbox competition.

Good service and experience are key to winning a client’s engagement. Successful firms/advisors will engage with their clients and prospects with personalized email communications. Disregarding the importance of email personalization can actually hinder the level of engagement as your reader may feel the communication was not intended for them. As a result, studies have shown personalized messages can increase click-through rate by 14% and conversions by 10%.

Clients expect their advisor to know and anticipate their needs and respond accordingly. What an advisor can do is provide humanized personal, consistent, and tailored communication that is relevant and timely to their readers.

Remember, clients, are much more than just names on a list. Use these 5 tips to stay top of mind with personalized email communications and watch your open and view rates grow!

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