Why Advisors Should Embrace Digital Marketing

March 12, 2019

“We’re now in a world where investor’s expectations for communication and contact are much, much higher than they were even five years ago.”

Kevin Mulhern

Written by Craig Iskowitz, Wealth Management Today

Kevin Mulhern is the co-founder and CEO of AdvisorStream. Previously, he was the founder of three other startups including a Canadian retail brokerage firm, a new media outlet for financial services, and cloud based educational company that was headquartered in Japan.

AdvisorStream is an automated content marketing platform built specifically for financial advisors to help them create and deliver powerful client communications and engagement. There are a number of similar products on the market, but one of the unique features of AdvisorStream that I like is the way they consume and present every piece of content. They don’t just email links, which can be behind paywalls and even have ads for competing providers.

AdvisorStream has agreements with many of the biggest content providers and displays their content totally free of advertising except for the financial advisor’s picture and contact information.This delivers a premium client experience.

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